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Message of a flower (instrumental)

well – FEELING

well – BEING

well – DOING

At a flower bud (instrumental)

Melody of the European anthem with a text from Peter Rohner, DR. phil.
Autor of the melody: Ludwig van Beethoven
Interpretation: Antonio Malinconico, Guitar

Let’s agree, that you and me and all we see have rights to be !

Well, my friend, we human beings are born free, yes, let it be:
Free to live with time for growing, freedom needs humanity,
now for ever let’s be clever: We respect diversity.

Contact for information in German:   p.ro@well-win.com

well win music

„To Face“ – piano, Peter Rohner

„Dream Beat“ – piano, Peter Rohner

„The Bright Flute“ – piano/flute, Peter Rohner

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